District Contacts

Pitch In to Get Out The Vote!

Want to help get out the vote, like yesterday?  Go to the events page for an event near you: http://www.austininterfaith.org/events 

Want to organize an event in YOUR neighborhood?  Contact Braden Latham-Jones at 512-689-8091.   

Want to get to know the Austin Interfaith Team?  Reach out to the district contacts below.

District 1: 

Brian McGiverin, St. David Episcopal: 512-366-2114

Kayvon Sabourian, Equal Justice Center: 

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District 2

Ofelia Zapata, San Jose Catholic: 512-669-0809  

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District 3

Hilda Moncivais, Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic: 512-775-9030

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District 4

Angela Baker, St. Albert the Great Catholic: 512-836-6600 

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District 5

Santos Escobar, Wildflower Unitarian Universalist: 512-739-1312

Pamela Thomas, Greater Mt. Zion Baptist: [email protected]

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District 6

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District 7

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District 8

Kathleen Davis, Austin Interfaith: 512-916-0100

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District 9

Kurt Cadena-Mitchell, Wildflower Unitarian Universalist: 512-786-5388

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District 10

Bob Batlan, Temple Beth Shalom: [email protected]

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