National Catholic Reporter Covers Impact of Blackout Through Lens of Environmental Justice

Central Texas Interfaith Strategy Team leader Carlota Garcia of Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic, and her mother Rocio, are featured in this National Catholic Reporter "Earthbeat" article on an environmental justice impact of the storm in Austin.

"Downtown, west side, it was lit up like a Christmas tree," García said. "That night, we looked out the window and everything was dark in our (Eastside) neighborhood, and then [we could see] all the lights, beautiful on the skyscrapers just there on the other side of the freeway."

"Through her church, Garcia also volunteers as a strategy team leader with Central Texas Interfaith, a local affiliate of the Industrial Areas Foundation that has been doing relief and advocacy work during and after the storm."

[Photo Credit: Isabelle Baldwin, National Catholic Reporter]

Texas Storm Left Death, Devastation in Vulnerable CommunitiesNational Catholic Report - Earthbeat [pdf]