CTI Leaders Commend Mayor & Council, and Celebrate $20/hr Wage Floor and Budget Wins for Families

Last night the City of Austin voted on a budget that includes one of the highest living wages for their workers: $20/hr for municipal workers including contracted workers and those employed by corporations benefiting from City tax subsidies.  At the urging of Central Texas Interfaith, through meetings with individual council members and communications that persisted even as votes were taken on amendments, the City of Austin expanded emergency assistance for struggling renters and sustained spending on essential human development initiatives including long-term workforce development and after-school programs.

Specifically, the Council approved: 

  • $20/ hour base pay for all City of Austin staff, contract employees and employees of corporations receiving City tax subsidies - Sponsored by CM Fuentes 
  • $8 Million in emergency rental assistance - Sponsored by CM Vela
  • $3.1 Million for long term workforce development - Sponsored by CM Alter
  • Increased funding for AISD programs including Parent Support Specialists and Primetime After School programs - Sponsored by CM Tovo

Central Texas Interfaith commends the Mayor and the entire City Council for investing in these important initiatives. 

Austin Councilmembers Approve Budget Amendment to Include $20 Minimum WageKVUE