Moving Towards Healing after Bombings in Central Texas

As the immediate threats to safety due to the bombings over the past several weeks in Central Texas have been brought to an end, the victims, their families, and our whole community will move into a phase of healing from these tragedies.   Our support and prayers are with all of those affected.  Several of the victims lived, worked, and worshiped in the very neighborhoods that our organization works in most closely.  Fundraising sites (see below) for the victims and their families have been set up, and we urge you to consider donating to help support them in their time of need.  We are humbled by the families of these victims, who even in their inconceivable loss, have found it in their hearts to pray for the perpetrator and his family.

We also thank the over 500 law enforcement officers for their tireless work in ending this horrific period, making our communities safe, and in beginning to evaluate these events to make our community even safer in the future.  Our community will always be safest when residents, community leaders, and law enforcement work together leveraging relationships that have been built before a crisis hits.

As we move into Holy Days in the Christian and Jewish faiths, we are reminded of the importance of neighborliness in its truest sense: getting to know those who share your neighborhood, community, and city in genuine, face to face relationships.  This is the best investment we can make in our shared welfare, health, and well-being in Central Texas.

To make a donation to the victims and their families, please visit the following fundraising sites:

Stephan House

Draylen Mason

Esperanza Herrera