Bishop Joe Vasquez Congratulates Austin Interfaith & Texas IAF


Bishop Joe Vasquez of the Catholic Diocese of Austin recently penned the following in advance of a statewide celebration of the 40+ year anniversary of the Texas IAF set for Saturday, April 30th:  

"The Texas Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) Network Forty Years of Organizing Celebration is a significant summit to highlight the great achievements of your blessed efforts in support of families and communities.  On behalf of the faithful of the Diocese of Austin, and in my own name, I congratulate you on more than forty years of service and organizing in Texas.  

Austin Interfaith, through its virtuous work, proves that those living in poverty are more than figures and statistics.  Austin Interfaith provides leadership development to enable citizens to collaborate and navigate effectively through the political process with governmental and community leaders around issues of common concern...."

[Photo Credit: Rodolfo Gonzalez, Ahora Si!]

Read the rest of the letter here.