AI Challenges Mayoral & County Judge Candidates to Confront 30% Child Poverty Rate & Affordability

1409_-_ATX_-_Assembly.jpg300 leaders of Austin Interfaith convened Mayoral and County Judge candidates for a teach-in and accountability session at Temple Beth Shalom which included challenges on Austin child poverty, affordability, investments in human development and local immigration reforms.  In addition to yes / no responses, candidates were given several minutes to explain how they would work with the organization to address a cited child poverty rate of 30%, documented by City of Austin demographer Ryan Robinson.  

Assembly night highlights included Mayoral candidate consensus on local immigration reforms (municipal identification and withdrawal).  Judge candidates agreed on very little, but did agree that expanding investments in job training programs like Capital IDEA and creating internships for Career Expressway students were valuable to the County and the taxpayers.  Strong stories on housing, immigration and Capital IDEA captured the attention of the press and galvanized the crowd.

[Photo Credit: Austin Monitor]

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