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Congress is negotiating the next Pandemic Stimulus package right now.  Central Texas Interfaith and the Texas IAF are calling on Senators Cornyn and Cruz to enact a bold emergency stimulus package by signing below.

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As leaders and clergy of Central Texas Interfaith, we urge you to work with your colleagues in the Senate to move swiftly to:

  • Support the full $600 per week federal supplemental unemployment insurance

  • All taxpaying adults must receive the $1200 (plus $500 per child) stimulus payments, including mixed immigration status families and ITIN holders.

  • Congress must provide additional housing funding ($100 billion) and broaden a freeze on evictions.

  • Increase the share of Medicaid paid by the federal government to free up state revenue for other essential services; and require that all states maintain their current Medicaid services.

  • Invest $175 Billion in public education to reopen schools safely and close the digital divide;

The nation is engaged in an unprecedented epidemiological and economic crisis response. We implore you to act now and boldly to ensure families have a roof over their heads, water to wash their hands, and food to fill their bellies. The best way to keep the economy afloat and save lives is to support our families.


Who's signing

Marion Magarick
Deborah White
Patricia Davis
Leonor Vargas
Angelina Gonzalez
Josie Gonzalez
Sharon Smith
Charles Kutz-Marks
Sarah Darter
Jeannette LaFontaine
Nancy Castleberry
Susan Spruce
Michelle Lehman
Elke Baitis
Mary Ragland
Paula Vaughan
Shirley & Mike Schliessmann
Lilita olano
Vella Fink
Kristie Loescher
Enrique Saenz
Susan Lippman
Kathryn Ryan
Race Margery
Anita Franz
Trish Merrill
Carolyn Downing
Ramon Gonzalez
Michael Flooyd
Bruce Nieli
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