Corridor Interfaith Alliance for Families

The Corridor Interfaith Alliance for Families (CIAF), is a branch of Central Texas Interfaith that covers Hays and Comal Counties- the I-35 corridor between San Antonio and Austin.  Central Texas Interfaith is a local organization of the West/Southwest IAF and Industrial Areas Foundation, the oldest and largest broad-based organizing network in the nation. 

Over the past 60 years, IAF has developed a successful practice of "institutional organizing": using the skills of community organizing to develop leadership, identify issues, strengthen relationships, and build the capacity within their institutions to act on issues which affect families.  

CIAF is a coalition of faith communities, schools, neighborhood groups, and other local organizations.  Together, we can develop effective solutions and work with public officials to create change for the better.             

We are a non-profit and nonpartisan organization.  


How Does CIAF Work?

CIAF works within local institutions to identify, train, and develop leaders: to understand your rights and responsibilities as citizens, to hold community conversations, meet with public officials, and work with your neighbors as you advocate for the good of the community.

We are committed to promoting justice and democratic values. We work to develop leaders and to provide opportunities for member institutions to negotiate effectively through the political process with local government and community leaders around issues of common concern.


2018 Accomplishments

  • Trained and developed a diverse group of leaders from 8 local institutions.
  • Leaders represent a wide range of faith traditions, ethnicities, education, and socio-economic status.
  • Leaders held community conversations and out of these developed an agenda of issues that included adult job training, affordable housing, immigration reform, funding for public schools, and infrastructure improvements.
  • November elections- Held an accountability session with state and county candidates and got commitments from candidates to support the agenda of issues.
  • Nonpartisan, Get Out the Vote campaign- educated people about the elections and got them to the polls!


Success Story

Samantha, is a member at a small Lutheran church and lives in an apartment complex for seniors.  As someone who doesn’t like being in front of others, she didn't identify herself as a leader. 

After her church joined the CIAF, Samantha began attending meetings and trainings.  Within a few months, she was leading meetings with other members of her church and neighbors in her apartment complex.  She discovered that she wasn’t the only one struggling to live on a fixed income, dangerous intersections were identified and concerns about education arose. 

Through the work of CIAF, Samantha is beginning to see results- stronger community relationships, officials who listen to their concerns, and the first steps taken to address local issues she cares about.  Furthermore, she’s grown through the experience and done things she didn’t think she could do.  She’s developed into a leader.         

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